WhatToExpect There are lots of questions that come to a person’s mind when deciding which church to attend.  And no one likes going somewhere new and being disappointed.  We want to make that choice as easy as possible.  Here are some of the things you can expect to find when you visit Victory Baptist Church.

Sermons from the Word of God

StillPreachingDynamic, passionate preaching straight from the Bible still brings more lasting change than comedy routines, drama, or motivational talks. Come discover the benefits of Bible preaching.

Servant Leadership 


The rumour that masculine men hate church isn’t entirely true. Come discover an environment where real men still believe and are taught to step up and provide sincere, loving leadership in the church and in their families.

Sacred Hymns


The hymns we sing still lift up the greatness of our God, and celebrate our faith in Him.  Our music generates an attitude of worship toward God that is anything but lifeless and boring.

Spirit of Reverence


Casualness is all the rage today, but God deserves better. We still believe in giving God our best.  While you won’t find a judgmental spirit here, you will find a place that still believes reverence is right in the presence of God.

Strong Families


Our culture’s experiments with the family have left many homes in a sorry state.  We still teach the biblicalroles for the family as the best answer to our nation’s woes.  We believe God has a plan for every person, regardless of how difficult their family situation might be.

Spirit-filled Worship


Goddoesn’t need a band or the latest fad to be exciting. We still enjoy timeless, Spirit filled worship around God’s Book that stirs the soul in a way that strobe lights and dancing in the aisles can never manufacture.

Solid Answers


Evolution. Atheism. Abortion. Euthanasia. Many churches have been silenced by the world or other “christians” because they have no answers greater than their own opinions. We still believe that God has something to say about every issue and his answer is always the final right answer.

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